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2024 Volkswagen Talagon – Volkswagen is increasingly looking to invade the Chinese market by offering its latest cars. One of the latest, Volkswagen introduced a large SUV under the name Volkswagen Talagon 2024. The presence of New Talagon 2024 is Volkswagen’s answer to enliven the combined segment between SUV and MPV, especially in China. So it’s no wonder that technically the New VW Talagon 2024 is the largest SUV Volkswagen has ever owned.

2024 Volkswagen Talago Redesign
2024 Volkswagen Talago Redesign

New Volkswagen Talagon 2024, What’s New?

We have seen Volkswagen SUVs grow in size and speed. Like when you see the adorable little Taos and the Volkswagen Atlas. Now you will meet the amazing 2024 Volkswagen Talagon Model, both in terms of size, exterior and interior appearance, to engine performance.

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This SUV even has a large engine that is certainly more powerful. Although there is little in common with the Atlas, 2024 VW Talagon has a unique game center system that includes a large container under the shifter pod and the latest edition of Volkswagen’s infotainment screen.

Volkswagen Talagon 2024 Exterior

New 2024 Volkswagen Talagon is one of the big cars with a combined segment between SUV and MPV, with a length of 5,152 mm, a width of 2,002 mm, and a height of 1,795, even its wheelbase is longer with a size of 2,980 mm, making Talagon longer and wider than the Toyota Fortuner SUV. Then it is not surprising that Volkswagen gives a passenger capacity of up to 7 people through this car.

Volkswagen Talagon 2024
Volkswagen Talagon 2024

The wheelbase is impressive at 2,980 mm, with this large display the New 2024 VW Talagon competes with other large-size SUVs such as the Ford Explorer and Chevrolet Tahoe.

You’ll notice the large horizontal grille, oversized LED headlights with matching daytime running lights, making the New VW Talagon 2024 look simple but still impressive.

The exterior is powerful, aerodynamic and, of course, modern. Volkswagen gives the logo on the front and rear illuminated. Thanks to the lighting package located on the illuminated part of the door handles and rails, as well as the rear logo, which is also illuminated.

The angular side “inlets” are visible in the corner part of the bumper although they look smaller. While the large lower intake is separated from the grille by a wrinkled line. At the rear, there is an L-shaped graphic in the rear lights that meets the light bar and the Volkswagen logo. On the lower apron, you will see two fake exhausts placed in the area around the trim in contrasting colors, joined by a wide reflector.

2024 Volkswagen Talagon Interior

Volkswagen produces New Talagon 2024 as a target market for luxury MPV consumers, so Volkswagen gives Talagon a luxurious cabin design. You can see from the AC panel line which if seen like connecting from right to left.

In the center console, given the arm rest with a control panel that is in front of the dashboard fused with the gear lever. Not only that, you can also see that there is a large instrument panel and infotainment screen. The screen features centrally mounted, flanked by air conditioning vents.

2024 VW Talagon Teaser
2024 VW Talagon Teaser

At the bottom of the screen, there is a wide and full trim piece integrated with air vents. If you notice, this interior upholstery is made of leather, it seems that Volkswagen really wants to highlight the interior of  Volkswagen Talagon 2024.

The wide part of the dashboard is accompanied by a large screen, as a place for the infotainment system and its measuring cluster. 2024 Volkswagen Talagon Interior is also equipped with luxurious leather seats, ambient lighting and a large panoramic sunroof that extends over the first two rows of seats in the car.

There is a middle seat option with a captain seat model typical of luxury cars, if you choose New Interior VW Talagon 2024 with a 6-passenger configuration model. The cabin section is noticeably elevated, so the Talagon can compete with minivans of the highest class.

2024 VW Talagon Engine

Not only is the size of the body large, 2024 VW Talagon Redesign also has a runway filled with a 2,500 cc V6 engine. Although available with several powertrains, one notable powertrain is the EA390 2.5-litre twin turbo V6 petrol motor available for the New VW Talagon 2024 range-topping variant.

New Volkswagen Talagon 2024
New Volkswagen Talagon 2024

Through this engine you will feel a healthy 295 hp of power with 500 Nm of torque delivered to all four wheels through a 4-motion all-wheel drive system and through a 7-speed dual clutch automatic transmission

New Features of VW Talagon 2024

Volkswagen provided the design with the latest technology for the 2024 Volkswagen Talagon type. You’ll get more functionality with touch controls, including interior lighting and rear air conditioning. Meanwhile, for drivers to drive safer, of course, advanced and latest driving assistance systems are provided, such as Travel Assist.

Based on the platform of MLB Evo, 2024 VW Talagon is integrated with the latest hardware and software that makes your driving experience easier, safer, and more comfortable.

2024 Volkswagen Talagon Price Release

For the cheapest price, you can get the Volkswagen Talagon for $41,390 according to market prices in China.

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