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2025 Volkswagen Passat Wagon is Coming

2025 Volkswagen Passat Wagon is Coming

2025 Volkswagen Passat Wagon – Volkswagen is taking the iconic New Volkswagen Passat 2025 to new heights with the exclusive launch of the 2025 Volkswagen Passat Wagon, marking the ninth generation of this beloved nameplate. As a spacious family hauler, the Passat Wagon combines efficient engine options, a sleek exterior, and cutting-edge onboard technology. Let’s explore the exciting features that make this station wagon stand out in the automotive landscape.

New 2025 VW Passat Wagon
New 2025 VW Passat Wagon

Efficient Powertrains for Every Driver

The 2025 VW Passat Wagon offers a range of newly developed engines, including two plug-in hybrid powertrains. These innovative options come equipped with a 19.7 kWh battery, enabling the 2025 VW Passat Variant to travel an impressive 62 miles on electric power alone.

2024 Volkswagen Passat: Spacious and Conservative

The eHybrid model boasts fast-charging capabilities, reaching speeds of up to 50 kW at DC fast-charging stations, producing either 201 horsepower or a more robust 268 hp.

New Volkswagen Passat Wagon 2025
New Volkswagen Passat Wagon 2025

Versatile Engine Lineup

Complementing the plug-in hybrids are 48-volt mild-hybrid motors and a turbocharged 1.5-liter gasoline engine. The latter, assisted by electric power, achieves a remarkable range of over 620 miles. The lineup also includes a base eTSI model with 147 hp, a turbocharged 2.0-liter engine in two states of tune (201 hp and 261 hp), and a turbodiesel derivative with three output levels. For enhanced traction, VW’s 4Motion all-wheel drive is standard on the most potent gas- and diesel-powered models.

New 2025 Volkswagen Passat Wagon
New 2025 Volkswagen Passat Wagon

Spacious and Upmarket Interior

Inside the 2025 Volkswagen Passat Wagon, a more upmarket interior awaits drivers and passengers. The 12.9-inch landscape display, angled towards the driver, serves as the hub for main vehicle controls. An optional 15-inch screen is available for those seeking additional visual real estate.

New Interior of Volkswagen Passat Wagon 2025
New Interior of Volkswagen Passat Wagon 2025

Although retaining touch controls for the HVAC, Volkswagen assures users that the latest modular infotainment matrix generation is intuitive and tailored to VW customers’ needs.

Enhanced Comfort and Space

The 2025 Volkswagen Passat Wagon embraces a growth in size, with an extended wheelbase and increased rear legroom. The interior of New Volkswagen Passat Wagon 2025 now offers an SUV-rivalling 67.8 ft3 of cargo space, providing ample room for family adventures.

2024 Volkswagen Passat Interior First Look

Volkswagen introduces DCC Pro, an adaptive chassis control that strikes a balance between dynamism and comfort, ensuring an enjoyable driving experience.

2025 Volkswagen Passat Wagon Interior
2025 Volkswagen Passat Wagon Interior

Stylish Design and Trim Options

Adopting VW’s new design language, the 2025 VW Passat Wagon is available in four trim levels – Base, Business, Elegance, and R-Line. Each trim level alters the design and trimmings, allowing drivers to choose the style that best suits their preferences.

2025 Volkswagen Passat Wagon Redesign
2025 Volkswagen Passat Wagon Redesign

While the wagon-only Passat won’t make its way to the United States, Volkswagen enthusiasts can anticipate the arrival of the ID.7 electric vehicle in 2025, promising a new era of electric mobility. The 2025 Volkswagen Passat Wagon stands as a testament to Volkswagen’s commitment to innovation, efficiency, and style in the ever-evolving world of automotive excellence.

2025 Volkswagen Passat Wagon Specifications

Category Specifications
Engine Options – Turbocharged 1.5L Gasoline Engine (Electric Assisted)
– 48-Volt Mild-Hybrid Motors
– Turbocharged 2.0L Gasoline Engine (201 hp, 261 hp)
– Turbodiesel Derivative (Multiple Output Levels)
Hybrid Options – Plug-in Hybrid Powertrains (Two Variants)
– 19.7 kWh Battery Capacity
– Electric-Only Range: Up to 62 miles
– Fast Charging (eHybrid): Up to 50 kW at DC stations
Transmission – DSG Transmission (All Models)
Drivetrain – 4Motion All-Wheel Drive (Most Powerful Models)
– Front-Wheel Drive (Other Models)
Performance (Gasoline) – Base eTSI: 147 hp
– Turbocharged 2.0L: 201 hp and 261 hp
Performance (Hybrid) – eHybrid: 201 hp and 268 hp
Performance (Diesel) – Turbodiesel: Multiple Output Levels
Electric Range – 62 miles (eHybrid)
Interior Display – 12.9-inch Landscape Display (Standard)
– Optional 15-inch Display
Infotainment System – Latest Modular Infotainment Matrix Generation
Interior Features – ErgoActive Plus Seats with Pneumatic Massage Function
Cargo Space – 67.8 ft3
Chassis Control – DCC Pro (Adaptive Chassis Control)
Safety Features – Standard Safety Features (Varies by Trim)
Dimensions – Wheelbase: Increased by 2 inches
– Rear Legroom: Increased
Exterior Design – New Design Language
Trim Levels – Base, Business, Elegance, R-Line
Availability – Not Available in the United States
Replacement Model (2025) – ID.7 Electric Vehicle

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