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New 2024 Volkswagen Amarok V6 Redesign

New 2024 Volkswagen Amarok V6 Redesign, Review, and Price

2024 Volkswagen Amarok – The 2024 Volkswagen Amarok Model is named after the wolf god in Inuit mythology. The Amarok was first produced in 2010. This body-on-frame truck will transition from the Volkswagen platform to the updated Ford T6, just like the Ranger of 2022.

This midsize Pickup again shares very interesting technical specifications, in addition to the confirmed V6 TDI and Blue Oval engines. For off-road trails, the new Volkswagen Amarok 2024 is particularly competent.

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2024 Volkswagen Amarok First Look
2024 Volkswagen Amarok First Look

New Volkswagen Amarok 2024, What’s New?

Volkswagen Amarok 2024 completely overhauled all parts, be it from the bottom to the top. So that the new Amarok has nothing in common with the previous generation. Volkswagen dropped the chassis to adopt an updated platform from the Ford T6.

It is more than just a rebadged version of the Blue Oval medium truck, as Volkswagen strives to give the Amarok its own identity. The Matrix LED headlights and Harman Kardon sound system are not offered on other vehicles, you can only find them on the 2024 Volkswagen Amarok Refreshed.

Volkswagen Amarok 2024
Volkswagen Amarok 2024

New Volkswagen Amarok 2024 Exterior

The new Amarok 2024 truck will be available in single-cab and double-cab body styles, with a size of 5,350 millimeters or 210.6 inches. The distance between the cities has become longer overall, meaning the overhangs have been cut to show much better off-road capability through increased approach and departure angles.

The standard New Volkswagen Amarok 2024 wheels are available in 17-inch sizes, but you can get the Luxury variant. The Luxury variant will get a 21-inch alloy set for the first time.

2024 VW Amarok V6
2024 VW Amarok V6

The fording depth of the 2024 VW Amarok has been increased off-road, from initially only 500 mm to 800 mm. In the meantime all-wheel drive will be standard in many markets.

You’ll also be given a choice of two 4Motion Settings-one with a selectable 4×4, the other with a permanent AWD setting.

If you take a quick look, this truck gives an SUV-like appearance, as the New VW Amarok 2024 again includes a hardtop cover for the cargo body. From bull bars to snorkels, this latest pickup from Volkswagen has a wide range of options.

2024 VW Amarok Redesign
2024 VW Amarok Redesign

The New 2024 Volkswagen Amarok will share the chassis structure with the new Ranger, part of the windshield, roof, mirrors, door handles and greenhouse are retained.

Standard equipment such as front and rear mud flaps, tire pressure monitoring is available in the Amarok.

2024 Volkswagen Amarok Interior

The cabin has also undergone changes, where the vertical infotainment section will be a concern. For PanAmericana and Aventura searches, you’ll find artificial leather on the cabin.

You’ll also find mud flaps on the front and back, a digital radio, a wireless smartphone charger, and cargo box lighting. The interior is made of leather and adds to the impression of elegance but still dashing. The driver’s seat is power adjustable, there is dual-zone climate control, keyless entry, push-button start and much more.

On the inside you can load luggage, because the cabin is more spacious, as well as the size of the spacious legroom.

2024 VW Amarok Engine

Towing capacities of up to 3,500 kilograms are offered by the Amarok. With four diesel engines and one petrol unit prepared, everything will have the help of turbocharging. In the African market, Volkswagen will deliver the Amarok engine with a 2.0 TDI engine that produces 148 horsepower. While in other regions, Volkswagen provides a more powerful version of the engine, which is 168 hp.

For diesel fuel 2024 Volkswagen Amarok relies on a bi-turbo four-cylinder arrangement with 201 hp or 150 kW, as well as 207 HP or 154 kW. Its range-topping diesel engine is a 6-litre V3.0 that can pump 238 HP or 247 hp.

For the All New 2024 Amarok gasoline engine, Volkswagen offers a 2.3-liter unit that can produce 298 HP. Using a ten-speed automatic transmission, this became standard for vehicles that had engines with a result of 207 HP or higher. The rest will be linked towards a six-speed automatic gearbox and a five-or six-speed manual.

On the European market, buyers can choose to use either a rear-wheel drive arrangement or two four-wheel drive systems on demand.

New Features of Volkswagen Amarok 2024

Volkswagen offers five trim variants for the 2024 VW Amarok to choose from: Base, Life, Style, the off-road-oriented PanAmericana, and the luxury-focused Aventura. More than 20 assistance systems for the driver have been incorporated into this Amarok truck. The PanAmericana and Aventura variants are premium versions. If the PanAmericana has an off-road character, the Aventura is geared towards you users on the highway.

There are 30 driver assistance functions, plus a Harman Kardon sound system with spectacular sound. For infotainment, it runs on Ford’s SYNC4 system using screens measuring 10.1 and 12 inches. There is an 8-inch digital driver display.

The latest safety features are intelligent IQ, adaptive cruise control, dynamic road sign display, intelligent speed assistance, blind spot detection, lane assistance, traffic jam assistance, and Front Assist that can provide one extra pair of eyes.

2024 Volkswagen Amarok Price

You can get a 2024 Volkswagen Amarok for 32,000 or the equivalent of $36,933.

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