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New 2024 Volkswagen Eos Facelift Rumors

New 2024 Volkswagen Eos Facelift Rumors

2024 Volkswagen EOS – The 2024 Volkswagen EOS is a convertible first released in 2006, designed by Walter De Silva, a current head of Design at Volkswagen. The 2024 VW EOS has a coupe body style with 2 doors, and a retractable hardtop roof, inspired by the Volkswagen Golf MK5, but has its own unique styling. But at the moment you can’t find the latest EOS, as it has been discontinued since 2015/2016.

2024 Volkswagen Eos Facelift Rumors
2024 Volkswagen Eos Facelift Rumors

2024 Volkswagen EOS, What’s New?

Although inspired by the style of the Volkswagen GolfMk5, the Volkswagen EOS has a unique style with its own characteristics. The car received a lot of praise for its high quality, more fuel-efficient and easy-to-pull hardtop operation. EOS is known for having fairly good intuitive controls, fast power, and a quiet cabin, making the ride more comfortable.

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2024 VW EOS Exterior

Looking at the body, the Volkswagen EOS Facelift 2024 is a sleek convertible, and a retractable hardtop style. This car is perfect if you use it to drive around the city on sunny days, or take a weekend getaway with a top down.

The car has a convenient and practical latest model, with plenty of space for luggage. Not only when the weather is sunny, this car is also good if you drive when the weather is bad. Because the hardtop in EOS 2024 can protect you from wind and rain.

New Concept of Volkswagen EOS 2024
New Concept of Volkswagen EOS 2024

The wheels are 18 inches, and the car is available in three trim levels, namely Comfort, Sport and Lux.

New 2024 Volkswagen EOS Interior

The convertible has a sunroof, with two doors and four passenger seats and a 12-way power-adjustable heated seat for added comfort, and you can set automatic climate control. The trunk section can hold your entire luggage up to 10.6 cubic feet.

To show its luxury side, Volkswagen did not forget to make the seat with leather upholstery although imitation in the basic Comfort trim, but leather seats are still available. And the front part has heated front seats. The legroom is 41.7 inches, but the rear seats are smaller with only 32.5 inches of legroom. Since the EOS only has two doors, the “easy entry” power function can slide the front seats forward for better access to the rear seats.

2024 Volkswagen Eos Interior Concept
2024 Volkswagen Eos Interior Concept

The Volkswagen EOS convertible is known as a cruiser, rather than a sprinter. All EOS models pack the same engine and transmission combination. The wind entering the cabin at a higher speed is reduced thanks to diffusers at the edges of the windshield and deflectors that can be installed behind the second row of seats.

2024 Volkswagen EOS Engine

Initially the car was available with two engine options, the first being a 1.4 L TSI petrol engine or a 2.0 L TDI diesel engine. The new 1.8 L TSI engine was introduced in 2009. EOS is currently releasing its latest electric car, with a range of 100 miles and can reach up to 380 miles per charge.

2024 Volkswagen EOS Facelift reliability has announced that the engine options for the new EOS will include two petrol engines and one diesel engine. The gasoline engine used 2.0-liter turbocharged is available in two different power levels: 200 hp and 207 hp.

The other gasoline engine you can use is VR6 2,5 liter which can produce 280 horsepower speed. The diesel engine uses a 2.0-liter TDI with a speed of 140 horsepower or 170 hp.

The engine uses a 2-liter turbocharged four-cylinder, as well as front-wheel drive that can produce 208 horsepower and 207 pound-feet of torque. Available in a six-speed dual clutch automatic transmission that can accompany you to drive with amazing performance. It can accelerate from 0 to 60 km/h within 6.6 seconds, and has a top speed of 130 km/h.

This Volkswagen EOS 2024 has a top speed of 120 km/h and can be driven in autonomous mode. Volkswagen explained that the EOS is the first fully electric car, which can compete with gasoline and diesel cars in its price and performance class.

New Features of Volkswagen EOS 2024

There is a satellite radio that can help you when driving. Known for its hardtop, the car has a retractable hardtop and can be opened or closed in just 25 seconds.

Like most features, you’ll find bluetooth with audio streaming, touchscreen navigation, VW Car-Net feature, dual-zone climate control, since it was last produced between 2015-2016, the EOS features aren’t as advanced as they are today. Examples include iPod connectivity, and pop up roll bars.
For safety features, there is a front air bag, anti lock brakes, and an electronic stability system.

2024 Volkswagen EOS Price

Volkswagen stopped producing the EOS in 2015/2016, so it was difficult to find the right price for the Volkswagen EOS. But some data explain that the market price of EOS at that time was $31,995. Just one option, no packages or trim levels to choose from. The main reason for the death of EOS is the slowing down of consumer preferences in Europe from hard top convertibles to soft top cars in recent years. In addition, Volkswagen has not made many changes to the EOS from year to year, even the EOS comes with specifications, suspension, and engine that almost resembles the Volkswagen Golf.

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